Just What Is Sales Volume?

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 14 January 2022

When we look at sales volumes, we are tracking the number of actual sales in a geography over a set period of time. So let me break that down . We are looking at four quarters in retrospect. We’ve got a number of sales all over the place over that period of time. Now, when […]

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One Year Recoup of Capital %

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 7 January 2022

Property principles 101. One year recoup of capital percentage. Let’s unpack this because this is an important metric when considering your next investment property. As an investor, there’s a lot of focus on the capital growth of a property and the yield of a property. But what is not often considered is the overall quantum […]

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Interest Rate Rises?

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 1 January 2022

There was a whiff of low consumer sentiment in the air last December, the current news cycle was hard at work. We’ve had a very strong bull market run, a very strong price growth period was had in 2021. Is it set to continue or are we looking down the barrel of another correction? Now […]

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How does the industry calculate ‘days on market’?

Days on Market Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 29 October 2021

Firstly, days on market can be in relation to a single property, at a suburb level or if necessary, a larger region. For a single property, it’s ‘the numbers of days that the property is on the market’. The moment that property was listed for purchase to the public, through to the moment it was […]

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